Dark Days Challenge Week One

This winter I’m participating in the Dark Days Challenge that’s run by the (not so) Urban Hennery. The challenge to eat at least one meal a week made up of SOLE (sustainable, organic, local, ethical) ingredients.

As usual, I will try to incorporate the slow cooker in the challenge as much as I can. But I must warn you that this post is not slow cooker related. I’m hoping to make a slow cooker version of my pasta sauce later on, but for now I’ll post what I did to make my dinner tonight.

Tonight I attempted to make pasta for the first time. One of the farmers at the market sells whole wheat flour, corn meal, and grits. I figure I better get pasta making down for the challenge, it and polenta will be playing a bigger part in my diet this winter. My pasta attempt wasn’t really a failure, but it certainly needs refining. I made the noodles too thick, so the next batch will be thinner for sure. I used Vegan Dad’s pasta recipe as a starting point, but I used only whole wheat flour. I did get a beautiful pumpkin at the market and cooked it up to include in the pasta and my oatmeal for the week.

I made the pasta way too thick as you can probably see, but that’s ok it was still tasty if dumpling like. Plus I’ll have all winter to perfect the technique!

The sauce is all local except for a little balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper that I used. The tomatoes were the last from my garden. I picked them green and they ripened in the house. They are an assortment of green zebra, yellow pear, and mortgage lifter. I harvested some rainbow chard from my front yard garden and used broccoli that I got at the farmer’s market.

I just chopped the tomatoes skin and all and threw them into the sauté pan and cooked them down with a little salt and a crushed clove of garlic.

Then I added about 2 cups chopped Swiss chard and the broccoli and covered the pan and cooked it until they were tender. Then I added salt and pepper, and a little balsamic and served it over my homemade pumpkin pasta.

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